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Wedding Spotlight: Spring House, Block Island RI



I typically visit Block Island a few times every summer for their beaches and restaurants, and have throughout most of my life (in fact in college I worked for the ferry company). It’s a lovely little town with gorgeous beaches that feels like an escape from your average day. Most likely due to the relaxing hour long ferry ride to get there.

This previous Memorial Day Weekend found me traveling to the Island for a wedding at the Spring House. The Spring House is one of the longstanding hotels on Block Island. Situated at the top of a large hill that can be seen from downtown, the large lawn is adorned with adirondack chairs and a wraparound deck, the views are breathtaking and the atmosphere is transportive.

For this Memorial Day weekend wedding I played for the ceremony as well as the cocktail hour. The ceremony was set on the back patio of the Spring House, tented from the wind and sun, and overlooking spectacular ocean views. The wedding had a good sized guest list, with the short ceremony officiated by a Justice of the Peace, it felt intimate due to its setting. The ceremony was touching both by the couples personal vows, and their friends and family who spoke or read to the guests.

The cocktail hour following the ceremony was on the wraparound porch over looking the hill and the adirondack chairs. As the bridal couple had mentioned during our consultation, their family was animated (as most are during cocktail hour). Amplification was needed for both wind and the excited wedding guests. It was a particularly loud cocktail hour. Which is always the sign of a successful one!

I've attached photos throughout the post to capture the ambiance of the day. Especially fun was carting the harp over in my car on the ferry.

If you go over to Block Island, as a bride, groom, wedding guest, or a tourist, my recommendations for day trips are below:


For beaches I personally enjoy the Town beach. It’s the longest stretch to the right as you get off the ferry. If you have a car there are further places you can go. There are also rentals on the Island, but after observing how most of the renters and tourists drive, I would nudge you away from renting bikes. If you’re looking for a more subdued beach day, head to the right off the ferry to the Town beach.


For food, you can't go wrong with the takeout options that are right near the ferry port. If you're looking for a more sit down restaurant, the Mohegan Cafe is nice. If the Spring House isn’t closed for a private event you can also eat there, or order drinks and sit on

those Adirondacks mentioned before.

The Oar is also a great spot. Although, on the other side of the Island from where the traditional ferry from Narragansett. The walk is a bit long, but you can always grab a cab.

If you’re staying longer than a day there are many other options. There are also little shops scattered throughout downtown to peruse between your beach day, lunch/dinner, and ride home on the ferry.



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