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Have a question about hiring a harp for your event? Please find the most asked questions here!

  • Can the harp be played outdoors?

    • Yes! However, like any instrument the harp must be protected from the elements. This means that the harp cannot be outdoors during rain, fog, mist, or high winds. Moisture cannot come in contact with the wood or delicate mechanisms of the instruments. The sun is another aggravator of the harp, and thus shade is requested for outdoors events. 

  • Can the harp be played on the beach?

    • Yes! The same weather restrictions apply as stated above. I have a plywood base that I bring for outdoors and especially beach weddings. The main factor for beach weddings is that the harp must be well away from the surf, and on a flat area of the beach.

  • Can the sound of the harp be heard for outdoors/indoors events?

    • Yes! The sound of the harp carries very well. However, I do often use an amplifier for outdoor weddings, and especially for cocktail hours and more lively events (either in or outdoors). In cases of wind, large guests lists, or poor acoustics​ an amplifier is very helpful.

  • How do we book you for our event?

    • To book my music for your event, please 'contact' me through the ​site. After discussing the event with you and checking my calendar for availability, I would draw up a contract. A deposit of 50% is typically requested to finalize the booking process.

  • Are any consultations provided for Wedding Ceremony bookings?

    • Following the booking process, consultations are provided to clients who've booked their wedding ceremonies. These consultations are meant to provide feedback in the choosing of ceremony processional and recessional pieces.

  • Can we request pieces not on your repertoire list?

    • I'm always open to the opportunity for arranging and learning new pieces not already in my repertoire. There are certain pieces that are not possible to arrange for harp. During our consultation these requests would be discussed.

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