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Prelude Music

Prelude Music is played leading up to the wedding ceremony. I provide this service as part of my standard wedding package. Typically the music starts about 15-30 minutes prior to the ceremony, as guests are arriving. The music begins as the guests are entering and creates the backdrop for the ceremony.

It provides a relaxing atmosphere for guests to quietly chat, and wait for the ceremony to start. The selections I choose are meant to blend into the background, rather than stealing focus from either the venue or view I mean to enhance it.

The selections I choose showcase a variety of classical and romantic songs. For example, some selections I choose may be:

The Little Fountain - Pratt

Premiere Arabesque - Debussy

River Flows in You - Yiruma

Gymnopedie - Satie

Arioso - Bach

These selections are meant to convey a feeling of relaxation while allso invititing you into the space. The music draws your guests into the ceremony space while they wait for the wedding to begin.

As with all of my weddings, cutomization is possible with the musical choices. The perfect Prelude music should create an elegant backdrop for your guests to enjoy and be welcomed to your wedding!


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