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How to Prepare for A Windblown Wedding Day by the Sea

If there’s one trend I’ve learned to expect throughout my scores of outdoor weddings, it is that it’s extraordinarily rare to have a quiet, windless wedding day. This fact expands exponentially if you’re getting married outdoors near the sea. 

It may happen. The chances, however, are very small and I dare say almost nonexistent. It’s the nature of the coast. In fact, in most cases a light breeze is welcome and necessary for relief from the sun. This post is meant to prepare those seaside loving couples for more than the light summer breeze.

As a professional harpist, I’m prepared for the wind. I bring an amplifier, sheet music clips, hair ties, and something sturdy to place on my music stands legs so it doesnt topple. Should my music get blown away in the middle of “Here Comes the Bride” I am prepared to play it by memory, in any case the sheet music clips will prevent this from happening. As a professional wedding harpist, I am prepared to play in the wind. It is only the rain that will send me running.

The one aspect every couple who is hosting an outdoors ceremony should have is a microphone for their vows. The microphone should be set up so that not only the Officiant, but the bridal couple, can easily speak into it and be heard during the ceremony. It is with the slightest bit of wind that the couples voices can be strewn into the sky and lost. Without a microphone, not only those guests in the back rows, but maybe even the middle and front rows, can find it hard to hear the wedding vows.  I myself often find it difficult to hear if there is no microphone, and I’m typically only feet away from the couple. The microphone set up is key to the success of an outdoors wedding ceremony by the Sea. Of course, for those more anxious couples who fear public speaking, the wind might be to your liking.

In any case, a warm summer breeze wont affect the wedding party much more than that. Perhaps some wind blown hair, but otherwise the wind can relieve an otherwise too hot summers day.

As always, please dont hesitate to reach out and contact me with any questions.

Happy Outdoor Wedding Season!


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