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Wedding Spotlight - Norman Bird Sanctuary

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of playing for an outdoor wedding and cocktail hour at the Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middletown RI. I've decided to spotlight and write about the location for my July post.

The Sanctuary is the largest area of preserved open space in Newport County. There are 325 acres and 7 miles of hiking trails. The refuge contains hay fields, woodlands and ridges overlooking the ocean and ponds. You can learn more about the Sanctuary at their website.

The wedding was a small, intimate affair, with approximately 35 guests in attendance. There was no bridal party, which added an especially intimate feeling to the short ceremony. The couple were fortunate to have a lovely shady afternoon, with the sun breaking through the clouds during the cocktail hour. A light and breezy Saturday. Guests were surrounded by old farm houses, and fields with picturesque rock walls.

The cocktail hour was directly behind the ceremony setting. An older barn had been set up with tables filled with food and drink, as guests wandered both inside and out onto the lawn. A glimpse of the ocean over the fields could be seen, with sailboats dotting the horizon.

This was my first wedding at the Norman Bird Sanctuary, it was a lovely and secluded location. Certainly one that is perfect for those more intimate ceremonies wishing to escape into the pastoral past.


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