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Tips for the Outdoor Fall Wedding

Now that we’re in the very midst of Fall (brrrrr anyone?), I thought a post on Fall weddings would be appropriate. Fall is a beautiful time of year, with colorful changing leaves, crisp autumn air, and the warmth of family and friends. It is also (as with most New England seasons) unpredictable in terms of weather. With September, we get the last few days of summer weather. In fact, some of my September weddings have been a scorcher! It is more with the October and (ahem) November weddings, that we feel the briskness of Fall and the upcoming Winter.

As most New Englanders can attest to, Fall can vary anywhere between the low 40s to even 70 degrees, depending on the day and whether early and late fall. This makes it one of the trickier months to host an outdoors wedding in (and not only with what to wear).

As with any outdoor wedding, backup/rain plans are a must. The wind that can cause a light summers breeze now becomes a frigid gust. This means in addition to a rain plan, you should also use the same backup plan for colder weather. Below 60 degrees is typically considered by most to be a general rule (below 50 typically a must).

Things to consider for your Fall Wedding (A Checklist):

  • A microphone for your Vows

This could be either a microphone on a stand, or a portable mic. However, it must be able to move easily so that not only your officiant, but your individual vows are heard. I have heard many wedding ceremonies where the officiant is holding the microphone, or it is placed in front of them and it doesn’t make its way to the couple for their vows.

*Note that this might mean power is necessary, so extension cords may be needed depending how far away from an outlet the ceremony is.

  • A Plan B for the outdoors ceremony site (rain/cold weather plan)

  • Back up plan should also be thought of for photos and if cocktail hour is outdoors

  • The length of your ceremony compared with the temperature

  • If you're set on outdoor regardless of the temperature, a nice idea could be outdoor space heaters for yourself and the guests (and your harpist :) )

  • Wind Resistant hair styles, and shawls for bridesmaids

I hope these tips help! In my experience having the 'Back Up' plan for your outdoors ceremony is the ultimate tip in a successful and stress free wedding day.

Happy Fall Wedding Planning!

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