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The Wedding Reception: Alternatives

If the traditional wedding reception with loud music or dancing isn't your cup of tea, a relaxed dinner with harp background music could be a good alternative. It’s a great option for couples that do not want to have the typical reception party and are looking for a more laid back back approach. I often perform background music for dinners. Harp provides an elegant feeling to any occasion.

Often the wedding receptions in this case are on the smaller side, with fifty or so guests, and thus are generally meant for close family and friends of the couple only. Of course there are no rules as to the size of the guest list.

Recently, I played background music for a wedding reception after performing for their ceremony. Following the ceremony the couple had a short break before the dinner which consisted of an informal cocktail hour and photo session. It was extra unique as the ceremony and reception space were the same. This meant that the venue had to take down the ceremony set up and transform the room for the reception. It also meant I only had to move the harp a few feet, which I was very appreciate of. A future post will detail the pains of harp moving!

To add a personal touch to the reception, the couple had requested various popular standards and favorites that were special to both their family and the couples relationship. For this reception, there were only about five tables. The timing of the reception was also a tad bit earlier in the day, and included both older relatives and the youngest additions to the family. It was a lively bunch, and was inclusive of every family member from young to old. The whole framework for the evening held a very personal feeling for the couple which centered on family.

If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding reception, this could be a great option. In addition to being more budget friendly, it has the added benefit of feeling more relaxed. Whatever feeling you’re looking to capture for your wedding, there are many options to give you the personal touch you desire!


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