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Studying the Harp

In addition to being a wedding and freelance musician I also teach private harp lessons to students of all levels.

Harp is a challenging but fun instrument. I myself started lessons at age ten.

Beginning students can start as young as six to eight years old. This is taking into account their attention span and development. In special cases students younger than six can also begin. I generally lean towards students beginning slightly later, around eight years. This is because their attention span is typically longer, and their coordination skills are more developed. I often joke that the harp is one of the few instruments that students sound good on right from the beginning! It's much like the piano in this way. Since harp’s can range in price, I recommend renting for new students.

I also teach adult students of all ages! It’s never too late to begin studying a new instrument. I’ve found that my adult students are often led to the harp for it’s therapeutic quality. The sound of a harp is very calming and it is an enjoyable instrument to practice. Though it certainly helps, previous musical experience is not a requirement.

Cementing the hand position is the first step in beginning harp lessons. My teaching method focuses on building technique and strengthening the hand position.

I’ll occasionally be posting on different teaching topics to encourage students of all level and ages! You can always feel free to comment or contact me through the site with questions. If you’ve ever thought about playing the harp, now could be a good time to start!



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