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Music for Your Destination Wedding - Key West, FL & Block Island, RI

Destination weddings can be a lot of fun! They're both a wedding and vacation/honeymoon rolled into one. What a dream to get married on a warm, sunny beach in the middle of January.

But how to plan the wedding when you're not physically there and don't know the area or vendors?

Musicians often have a maximum distance that they will travel for weddings without incurring additional travel fees. If the wedding couple have their heart set on a certain musician or type of music and are willing to pay the additional travel expenses, musicians will often agree to travel wherever the event may be. Another case is when musicians live or work in varying locations throughout the year, and therefore have different areas they work out of.

I'm currently accepting weddings and events in the Key West area for the winter months. My general location for the summer months is in Rhode Island and the Boston area. Therefore, as a wedding musician, I work in a wide variety of locations. This means that for these locations the wedding couple would not be responsible for my travel fees due to airfare or hotels.

Key West, FL is a great destination for weddings! Located at the southernmost point of the Florida Keys, this spot offers spectacular beaches, enchanting sunsets, and alluring hotels and nightlife. Visitors can fly or drive. Both travel options offer startling views of the ocean and scenery. Drivers particularly get to enjoy the views from Rt. 1 and the seven mile bridge.

Destination weddings to Block Island, RI are also very much in demand. Block Island is a small island located approximately twelve miles off the coast of Rhode Island. It offers a quaint feeling due to its small size, but is host to fantastic beaches, hiking trails, stunning bluffs and landscapes. It's accessible by plane, as well as daily ferry trips from Rhode Island and New York.

As always please let me know if you have any questions or would like to inquire about harp music for your upcoming wedding or event by clicking Contact Me!

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