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Life of a Harpist - And so the blog begins!

Welcome to my blog!

After being a freelance musician for more than ten years, I decided that it would be an intriguing project to launch a music and lifestyle blog to detail my experiences as a freelance musician and entrepreneur.

Life as a musician may not be the most stress free career choice, but I feel incredibly lucky to be able to call it my own. The stories and people you run into along the way make every second worth it!

I've played far too many weddings to count in the last ten years, and one of the most important things I've learned is that you must have a sense of humour. This is true in many situations, but especially in weddings and wedding planning.

Throughout the blog I will share experiences and stories about my life with fun tips and advice along the way. My main focus will be on tips and tricks for bride's-to-be along with those who are interested in following the stories and tales of a freelance musician. Freelancing does keep life interesting and my day to day routine is ever-changing. Gigs will take you to more places than you'd ever have the opportunity to visit, including imaculate hotels, mansions, private libraries, and spaces closed off to the general public. As a freelance musician you never know where your next gig can take you. Here I will share these exciting experiences and take you along with me!

I hope that you as the reader will also find advice, humour, and pleasure in following 'My life as a Harpist'.



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