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How Far in Advance to Book Your Wedding Musician

The wedding planning process can vary from couple to couple, and is dependent on factors such as how elaborate or simple the wedding will be; as well as what season the couple wishes to get married in. For most weddings, the planning process starts a year prior to the ceremony. Of course, if the wedding dates have already been scheduled musicians can be booked much earlier. I’ve received wedding bookings up to two years in advance.

The planning process often starts with booking the venue and catering company. Once these dates are confirmed the couple can then hire their musician(s). It's important to reach out to your musician as soon as your wedding dates are set. Wedding musician’s schedules can become increasingly booked the closer you get to your date, this is especially true during the spring and summer season and for holiday weekends. Due to scheduling, musicians can normally only book one to two weddings per day.

I most commonly receive bookings between six months to a year ahead of time for my weddings. I do often get asked to perform at weddings last minute, and it’s always a pleasant surprise when the scheduling works. I recently was booked for a wedding only two weeks in advance. Of course, this may affect aspects such as special requests for the ceremony etc. With more time, the musician is able to plan if the couple has these special requests and practice accordingly.

Whether you are planning your wedding two years or two weeks in advance, it’s always a good choice to reach out to your wedding musician as quickly as possible to inquire about availability. If that musician is unavailable, they often have colleagues that they are also able to recommend. As a professional in the wedding business your musician may even be able to advise you on other aspects of your wedding planning!


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