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Amplification: Yes or No?

I often get asked if amplification is needed for my wedding ceremonies or background music. The answer varies with the location.

If the space has good acoustic qualities, is a compact room, or for a smaller audience. The answer is usually no. The size of the harp I use also depends on whether I need amplification or not.

For outdoor spaces, or loud cocktail hours I usually recommend amplification. During the consultation when I'm learning more of the details for the wedding or background/cocktail event I inquire about the space (especially if it is a new venue to me) so I can determine if amplification should be used.

My harps are acoustic, so I use a pickup to connect them to the amplifier. The additional cords and accessories I bring are pictured to the right. Bringing the amp also means I have a few more steps in my set up plan, including testing the sound and volume level for the space I'm in before I begin playing. Although still heavy, the amp I use is of medium size so that I'm able to transport it on my own. It's also a brighter color so that it doesn't get tripped over!

Once the setup is complete, I've tested the volume level and am happy with the results, the gig can begin!


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